Cape Canaveral

We spent three days sailing from Hilton Head, SC to Cape Canaveral, FL. It should have been a two day trip, but we stopped frequently to swim in the warm, clear, and unusually calm waters of the gulf stream. We caught several false albacore and spanish mackerel. We also had a couple flying fish land in the boat during an overnight sail.

Cape Marina

We dodged huge cruise ships as we entered Port Canaveral on October 18th. We checked into Cape Marina that afternoon, and the kids were thrilled to discover a pool, a game room, and iguanas lounging around the docks. The marina was well maintained, the staff were friendly, and the rates were affordable.

The following day, we walked to Fishlips Bar and Grill for lunch and the day after that, we watched the SpaceX Falcon launch. Otherwise, it was a pretty uneventful week; filled with web meetings, boat projects, cleaning, swimming, and school work.

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