Bit by a Shark at Compass Cay

December 18th was a windless day, so we (mostly me) spent 5 hours motoring south to Compass Cay. We decided to spend a few days in Compass Cay Marina so that we could hook up to shore power and water, allowing us to wash down the boat and enjoy running the air conditioning. Compass Cay is known for it’s large population of nurse sharks, so the boys had been looking forward to this destination for quite a while.

Fortunately, several nurse sharks greeted them at the stern of our boat as soon as we tied to the dock. It was just a matter of time before the kids were in the water swimming alongside them.

There was a family of 6 docked alongside us on M/V Leah K. The boys spent the next several days playing with their new friends Logan (13), Hunter (9), Sawyer (8), and Easton (6). They swam, paddle-boarded, and explored the island together. The boys got more and more comfortable with the sharks, until just like with the iguanas, Gabriel got bit.

A shark was getting a little too close, so Gabriel held up his hand as if to say stop. The shark latched on (see picture). Luckily, it wasn’t a big shark and it let go when it realized Gabriel wasn’t a fish. Gabriel got away with just a scraped up palm and was back in the water five minutes later.

We left the marina on December 22, and anchored on the east side of Compass Cay. Brandon made some delicious grilled octopus tacos. 
The next morning we set off to explore the caves at Rocky Dundas. Because you had to dive underwater and swim beneath rocks to enter, I wasn’t comfortable going into the caves, but Brandon and Gabriel did. We then headed back to Compass Cay and spent the rest of the day at a place the locals call “Rachael’s Bubble Bath”. Waves crash over rocks on the east side of the island into a pool of warm water, creating foam just like a bubble bath. 

8 thoughts on “Bit by a Shark at Compass Cay”

  1. You look so serious Ashley and cold (I’m curious what the temperature was). Love seeing the adventures you all are experiencing. Miss and love you all!

  2. Gabriel is like Katie was with fingers…always looking to have them no more😬😳. Gabriel might be needing some steel fingered gloves😂. I do remember that slippery cave…lol. Great post Ashley!❤️

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