Great Harbor, Bahamas

After departing Bimini, we spent a week at Great Harbor Cay. Great Harbor is located in the Berry Islands, a chain of over 100 sparsely populated islands. It was the kind of destination we’d been dreaming of since we moved aboard our boat. 

For most of the trip to Great Harbor, we were in only 20 feet or so of water. Some rocks and coral heads were within a few feet of the surface, so we had to keep a sharp look-out. 

We spent the night anchored on Mackie shoal in about 15 feet of water. It was strange to have no land it sight, yet be able to see our anchor on the bottom. The next morning we spent several hours diving for sand dollars and conch shells. 

We arrived the next morning and anchored in front of Bullock Harbor Settlement. 

The first thing we did was take our dinghy to a secluded beach at nearby Cistern Cay so the kids could stretch their legs. Then we went to town to get some groceries, which were very expensive – about twice the cost of groceries in the US. On our way back to the boat, we met Steve, who runs a conch stand at the government dock. He showed us how to clean a conch and made us the best conch salad we’ve ever had. 

The next morning we set off to explore a nearby blue hole and an underwater plane wreck. The plane had crashed while running drugs in the early 80’s. We spent hours snorkeling the wreckage and speared a few small snapper and our first lobster. 

The next day we traveled through a narrow cut to dock at Great Harbor Cay Marina so that we could complete a few minor repairs. While there, we ate at Hammerheads Restaurant, where we highly recommend the mutton curry and peas and rice. We also ate at Cooliemae’s, but were not as impressed with the food. 

We attended a pot luck, pizza night, and barbeque that were hosted by the marina, where we met a couple other live-aboard families and some friendly locals, including Tremeco, Alvin, Bennet, Fettuccini, Freddie, and Victor.

On our final day in Great Harbor we took our dinghy through the island via Shark Creek, a narrow and shallow, mangrove lined tidal channel. At the end of the creek was the beautiful Shell Beach, where we spent the day snorkeling and watching sea turtles. There, a small remora latched onto Isaiah’s leg. I was terrified, but the boys had a good time sticking it to each other for the rest of the afternoon.

For us, the best part of Great Harbor was how kind and welcoming the locals were. It was our favorite stop so far. 

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  1. Loving this as well. Did want to mention that Gabriel is holding a tulip. Hard to tell if it’s banded or true. Thinking it might be a true. Since it was occupied he probably threw I it back, so we won’t know. But happy to send you links on how to tell the difference.

    1. Hey Debbi! We are definitely interested in the links you have to share! The boys love to collect shells and I know you are no stranger to shell hunting 😊

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