Highborne Cay

We spent about 24 hours sailing from the Berry Islands to the Exuma Islands, and arrived at Highborne Cay on Friday, December 9th. We spent the next week enjoying the clear, blue waters and several nearby islands.

Our kids have an obsession with lizards, so we decided to surprise them with a visit to nearby Allan’s Cay – an island inhabited by thousands of iguanas. The iguanas have very little fear of humans and surround you when you land on the beach. It’s as if you just arrived in Jurassic Park.
The boys spent several hours hanging out with their new reptile friends. One of them took a small bite out of Gabriel’s thumb while he was attempting to hand feed it, so we washed it out with salt water and continued on.
We spent the remainder of the day hanging out with Bruce, Lauren, and Luke from S.V. Vidorra, another cruising family that also lives aboard a Lagoon 42.

We celebrated Abel’s 7th Birthday at Xuma Restaurant on Highborne Cay. He ordered his favorite food, a tuna poke bowl. Then we stopped by the fuel dock to see the nurse sharks and returned to the boat for brownies and ice cream. 

The remainder of the week, when we weren’t busy with work or school, we swam, spearfished, and spent time on the beach.

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  1. Love your posts, I will be keeping your family in my prayers. I am an elderly member of St Matthews in Wilmington. I can’t travel anymore so I will enjoy your travels. Hugs to all, Carolyn

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