Norman’s Cay

We left Highborne Cay on December 16th. During our two hour sail south, we hooked (and lost) two large wahoo. We anchored next to a plane wreck on the south side of Norman’s Cay, which was was formerly owned by Carlos Lehder of the Medellín drug cartel.

The next day we snorkeled over to the plane wreck. It turns out that it was one of Pablo Escobar’s drug smuggling planes which crashed in 1980 while carrying a million dollars worth of cocaine.
We spent a few hours snorkeling in and around the plane. We found lots of sea life, but no cocaine!

Afterwards, we took our dinghy several miles south to Shroud Cay, where we traveled through the mangroves of Sanctuary Creek to a pristine beach. We spent the rest of the day swimming with sea turtles, hiking, and enjoying the turquoise water and sugar-white sand. 

At dusk, we returned to Norman’s Cay and stopped by MacDuff’s Restaurant for a delicious dinner.  It was an unforgettable day. 

2 thoughts on “Norman’s Cay”

  1. Looks beautiful everywhere you go! I like reading your stories and seeing all the places you have been. Looks like a great adventure.
    How do all those different fish taste? You guys all look like you are loving your adventure.

    1. Hi Aunt Tina! It’s been a great experience! We love all the fish and seafood, but triggerfish and lobster are our favorites. We miss you guys and hope all is well!

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