Soldier Cay, Bahamas

After leaving Great Harbor, we anchored near an uninhabited cay in the Berry Islands called Soldier Cay. We stayed there for about a week.

The first two days we explored the island. We found tide pools filled with sea creatures. We played on the beach and went snorkeling with our dad. One side of the island was calm and the other side had big waves crashing on the rocks.

On Wednesday, we took our dinghy to another island called Hoffman’s Cay. My mom and Abel walked around the whole island and collected shells. My dad, Gabriel, and I went spearfishing and got a beautiful queen triggerfish. We also picked out two big conch. 

When we got back to our boat, I cleaned the conch and my dad filleted the triggerfish. I even made my own video showing how to clean a conch. If you like it, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and like my video!

For dinner we had fresh conch salad and coconut fish curry. It was so delicious. I wish we could have stayed at Soldier Cay longer.

8 thoughts on “Soldier Cay, Bahamas”

  1. Isaiah…so impressed with your skills with that conch. I have to admit when you pulled it out I thought it was so gross (especially when you said cut off it’s foot and eyeballs). Loved the video of those waves. Missing you tons buddy!

    1. Gramma, conch are really slimy when you pull them out. It is really hard to get the slime off your hands after. They taste so good though. I miss you too.

  2. Great job, Isaiah! Loved the videos; especially the one you did with the conch. You are learning so much and the best part is that you can use all those things for the rest of your life and teach your own kids someday! Love and miss you so much…Keep having fun! ❤️

    1. I am learning a lot and I’ll have more videos coming up. I will keep learning and teach my kids one day. I miss you too and tell Grandpa I miss him too and I hope I get to see you guys soon.

  3. Isaiah, those videos were good. I never knew that animals would be in that shell when I saw the picture. I am guessing you have a drone.


    1. Thank you so much. When I first saw the conch too I did not know that the conch would look like that either. It has a sharp black foot that is very strong. They can move fast. We do have a drone. I miss you.

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