Exumas with Grandparents

We left Great Harbor on April 7th and started sailing to Nassau to pick up Grandma Anna, Grandpa Mike, and Aunt Madison. I was so excited to see them. On the way we stopped to anchor for a night at Alders Cay. Then we sailed to Nassau and anchored right in front of Jaws Beach, where the movie Jaws was made.

Chub Cay

Chub Cay is home to a large resort and marina and well known for its world class fishing. Upon arrival we anchored right in front of the resort. The water was so clear and calm that you could…

Norman’s Cay

We left Highborne Cay on December 16th. During our two hour sail south, we hooked (and lost) two large wahoo. We anchored next to a plane wreck on the south side of Norman’s Cay, which was was formerly owned by Carlos Lehder of the Medellín drug cartel.