Thanksgiving in Bimini

Crossing The Gulf Stream

We left Key Biscayne on November 23rd and began crossing the Gulf Stream. The weather was great and the water was mostly flat. On the way to Bimini, we did our school work and then put together a puzzle. We caught two small mahi and ate them for dinner. We also saw lots and lots of dolphins. They chased the boat and jumped out of the water all around us.

Alice Town

On Thanksgiving morning, we docked at Big Game Club Marina. My dad went to check in with customs and immigrations and when he got back, I got to raise our new Bahamas flag up the mast.

Then we all got off the boat and walked to a store to get cold drinks and an Aliv SIM card so my mom and dad could make phone calls in the Bahamas. After that, we walked all the way to Bailey Town and ate lunch at Joe’s Conch Stand. At first, it kind of grossed me out because there were flies everywhere and it smelled like rotting fish. The whole conch stand was covered with dollar bills from different countries. My brothers and I wrote our names on a dollar and added it to the wall too.

I ate conch salad and conch fritters for the first time. They were so good. The conch fritters were my favorite. There was a huge pile of conch shells from all the conch they used.

We walked all the way back to the marina and went swimming in the pool. We played a game where my dad threw baby coconuts into the pool and we had to dive down and get them. Then we went next door to Bimini Seafood Company where I ate cracked conch and fries. My mom had a really good mahi reuben sandwich and my dad ate a conch burger. 

Then we walked back to the boat and everyone went to sleep. It was the best Thanksgiving ever!

SS Sapona

The next morning, we left Big Game Marina and sailed south. We anchored right next to the wreck of the SS Sapona, a cargo steamer that ran aground in 1926. We spent the whole day swimming and snorkeling around the wreck. I really wanted to climb up the wreck and jump off, but my mom wouldn’t let me. The water is way clearer than it is in Florida. I could see the fish and coral from a long way away. 

When we were done swimming we grilled jerk chicken for dinner and watched a movie.

The Bahamas is my favorite place we have been on our boat so far.

The end.

17 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Bimini”

  1. WOW Gabriel!! You did an awesome job of telling about Thanksgiving last year!! It was interesting to hear about the conch. I’ve had it once (a very long time ago) and hated it. I’m open to trying it again after I read what you said about it. I LOVE the color of the water there. I look forward to hearing more stories from you. Love you so much honey!

    1. Thank you Grandma for reading my post. I made it a long time ago but my dad finally put it on the website. You should try conch again. Maybe you tried to eat it with the skin on because if you eat it with the skin on it is very gross. I surely will be writing more stories for you. I love you too.

    1. Thank you for reading my post. Im happy that you enjoyed it. I really like the exumas too. Especially Blackpoint settlement. There was really good beaches and coconut bread.

  2. I just loved your post ! You write very well! What an experience your family is having !! A great thanksgiving !! Thank you you sharing!! I love the pictures too! Are you becoming a great chef too?

  3. Gabriel, you are an amazing blog writer! I felt like I was there! You will have so many more exciting things to write about from all your adventures. We are really enjoying all the pictures and videos, too. We sure do miss you, but know you are having a really great time and learning so much about the world. We love you and miss you all so much! ❤️

  4. Gabriel, Good job❤️! I loved your post and I really miss you all and that beautiful water too😊.
    Love you, Grandma

    1. I am glad you liked my post. I really miss you too and I really miss swimming with you too in the beautiful water. I’m still sad that you had to leave so soon. I hope you come back again next week. I love you.

  5. Great job Gabriel!! I really enjoy the stories about the adventures you and your family are having. The photos of where you’ve been are awesome and the life experiences are priceless. We (I) miss and love you guys SO much. Keep the memories and updates coming!


    1. I am glad you enjoy my stories about our adventures. My mom told me that you might come to Colombia. I miss you and I can not wait to give you big hugs when you get here.

  6. Great storytelling, Gabriel. It was fun to hear about your adventures. You may write a book about this one of these days. We miss seeing you and have you in our prayers. My wife Laura, daughter Clare, and our papillon Katie miss you, too. Keep writing! Peace and joy!

  7. Gabriel, Was it fun swimming? I wish you could send more videos, those are my favorite. Do you have a big collection of dollars. I really miss you all. Love, Anna

    1. Yes it is very fun swimming. We swim in the ocean every day and I do have a big collection of dollars. We will make more videos. I miss you too. Love, Gabriel

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