Great Harbor for the Third Time!


The Gulf Stream flows from the south, so when the wind blows from the north, in the opposite direction, the waves build and the gulf stream can become dangerous to cross in a sailboat. After waiting nearly two weeks for the north winds to die down, we impatiently departed Key Biscayne with a 20 knot east-northeast breeze. We paid for that decision with 6 foot waves at a 4 second period. Normally, none of us get seasick, but this time, we were all miserable. Our radar and a battery isolator broke during the trip.

Broken radar

We arrived back in Great Harbor on March 25th and headed straight into the marina. We were welcomed back to Great Harbor by our friends, Alvin, Fettuccini, and Shanny. Alvin brought us some homemade conch salad and Fettuccini brought us some lobster tails.

There were many cruisers in the marina, too. The boys had lots of fun playing with other kids, especially Lincoln and Sienna aboard M/V Sweet Haven and Tristan and Hayden aboard S/V Amber. A very kind couple, Scott and Mary aboard M/V Saltwife made all the kids horns out of conch shells. They met every evening at sunset to blow them together. Another group of cruisers set up a scavenger hunt for all the kids in the marina. Stephen aboard S/V Irie Joe helped Isaiah learn to play the guitar.

While playing in the woods, Isaiah, brushed up against some poisonwood, a tree that is said to be fifty times more irritating that poison ivy. The rash can leave permanent scars. The next day, Isaiah’s eyes were nearly swollen shut. Fortunately, a kind young woman, Nicole from S/V Arta gave us some topical steroids that helped it disappear in just a couple weeks.

Each day, Alvin would stop by and spend time with the boys, whom he referred to as his “white sons”. He cut young coconuts for them to drink and brought them fresh fruit, popcorn, ice-cream, and fishing bait. It was absolutely amazing to see such kindness and generosity. 

All in all, we spent three wonderful weeks in Great Harbor. We might have stayed forever if our boat insurance policy didn’t require us to be in the South Caribbean during hurricane season. Just before we left, Fettuccini made us a delicious Bahamian dinner of ribs and mac and cheese. It was hard to leave, but I know we’ll be back one day.

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