Moving Aboard Our New Catamaran

After a couple months of garage sales, donation centers, and trips to the dump, we’d finally parted ways with about ninety percent of our stuff. We loaded up our remaining belongings into our pickup truck and drove to Charleston, South Carolina, where our newly purchased Lagoon 42 was docked. 


After just a few hours of emptying boxes, it became apparent that we had overestimated the storage space aboard our new boat. We spent the rest of the day agonizing over which clothes, kitchen utensils, and tools to part ways with. 

Once the unpacking was finished, we finally had a chance to enjoy our new home. We tested out the grill and watched dolphins playing just a few feet off of our bow. 

We spent the next week getting settled in and becoming familiar with all the systems aboard our new boat. We added new vinyl decals to Bagia’s stern. We repaired a couple of electrical issues and added sensors to the wastewater tanks so we could tell when they were full. 


Learning to maneuver a catamaran took some time. It was unlike any sailboat or powerboat we’d operated in the past. Docking was challenging at first, especially in Charleston Harbor’s strong tidal current and busy waterways. We slowly became comfortable docking and navigating the area, but not without a little humiliation along the way (e.g., being scolded by a cruise ship captain). We took several day-trips up the Cooper and Wando rivers and also ventured into Shem Creek, where we had a delicious lunch at Vickery’s Bar and Grill.

Preparing to Leave Charleston

By mid-September, it was time to officially cut ties with land-life. Our boat was due for a haul-out and new bottom paint, and the only boatyard with availability and a big enough lift to accommodate our 26 foot beam is in Florida.

We sold our truck and began planning our voyage south while enjoying our last few Charleston sunsets. Or so we thought…

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