Exumas with Grandparents


Picking up our Guests in Nassau

We left Great Harbor on April 7th and started sailing to Nassau to pick up Grandma Anna, Grandpa Mike, and Aunt Madison. I was so excited to see them. On the way we stopped to anchor for a night at Alders Cay. Then we sailed to Nassau and anchored right in front of Jaws Beach, where the movie Jaws was made.

It was really busy in Nassau. We went to a big grocery store called Solomon’s Fresh Market, where we bought lots of food and drinks for our trip to the Exumas.

Then, on April 10th, Dad picked up Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Madison at Jaws Beach in our dinghy. We were so happy to see them. They also brought us candy, toys, parts for the boat and a puzzle. 

Getting to the Exumas

We left Nassau to go to Highborne Cay just as bad weather was coming. On the way we talked to Grandma and Grandpa and ate guacamole and chips. Then the weather got worse. There was lightning and the waves were much bigger. Grandma and Aunt Maddy got seasick and threw up guacamole all night.

The next morning we got to Highborne Cay. Dad and Grandma and Grandpa went to the store and bought pole spears for Gabriel and I. It was really rainy. We went swimming with Aunt Maddy and saw a big barracuda.

Rough weather enroute to Highborne Cay

Bell Island

The next day, we sailed to Bell Island and it finally stopped raining so we went to the caves at Rocky Dundas. Then we went to Rachels Bubble Bath where water splashes up over big rocks. The next day, we went to a reef in the Exuma Land and Sea Park called “The Aquarium”. The water was really clear and we saw lots of fish. We also saw a big Nassau grouper and lobsters. It was a lot of fun to go swimming with them. Aunt Maddy got really sunburned and accidentally sucked a peanut up her nose. 

Black Point Settlement

Then the rain started again and we sailed to Black Point Settlement. On the way, we saw a big waterspout. A waterspout is a tornado on the water. When we got to Blackpoint Settlement, Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Maddy stayed in a cottage on the beach. We walked around town with them and ate lunch at Black Point Yacht Club.

Farmer's Cay

Then we sailed down to Farmer’s Cay. On the way, Grandpa caught a mahi and a cero mackerel. When we got there, Aunt Maddy and Dad and Abel all got sick. I had a really bad stomachache too. Then Abel threw up all over inside of the boat. It was a big mess. Before we left Farmer’s Cay, we went swimming with sea turtles and got to hold them. We ate some delicious conch salad and tamarind and played a game called the Bimini Ring Game in a restaurant where you swing a ring onto a hook on the wall. Then Abel went swimming with his new goggles, but when he went under water, the glass broke and cut his face.

Saying Goodbye in Georgetown

Then we sailed to Great Exuma Island where we saw a million star fish and sea cucumbers. We found sand dollars for Grandma and Grandpa to take home. I also went paddle boarding there.
The next day we went to Georgetown. Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Maddy stayed in a hotel called Peace and Plenty. Then the weather got much better, and we got to walk around with them and go to shops and restaurants. There was also a big celebration called a Regatta with lots of food and music. But then they had to leave. I definitely think they had enough of boat life because of the sickness and bad weather, but we were so happy we got to see them. When they left to go to the airport, we were all crying because they had to leave. I miss them so much.

Preparing to Leave Georgetown

After they left we spent another week in Georgetown. Dad climbed all the way to the top of the mast to put on a new radar that Grandma and Grandpa brought to us. We tried a delicious fruit called sapodilla. We went to a beach called Chat ‘n’ Chill. We got to swim with and pet stingrays. We played volleyball and swung on rope swings. There were big fireworks. Soon we will be going to a new country called Turks and Caicos. 

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  1. Aww, despite the bad weather with sea sickness and illness, we still had a good time and have great memories of our time in the Bahamas…all that matters is that we were able to see all of your beautiful faces. I loved spending time with you, doing our puzzle and snorkeling. The people were so friendly and the water was so amazing…swimming without being cold when you get out was awesome😊

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